Hey Dot and Richard!  Hey Keith Urban!  Mick has been in Nashville many times. I have never been. So I was thrilled to see it’s beautiful skyline and now be able to say “Yeah!  Of course!  I’ve been to Nashville!”

A Tribute?

Perhaps. When we saw this police motorcycle formation pass us, Mick thought maybe they were on their way to a slain fellow officer’s funeral. We gave them the heart and thumbs up sign.  They didn’t even care that Mick was going 7 miles over the posted speed limit.  We thought this sight very cool. 


Again. Another gorgeous state!  Rolling green hills. Beautiful streams and rivers and creeks. What a remarkable trip this has been and continues to be. ❤️

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See what we mean? Beautiful!


At a pizza joint in Knoxville, one of the walls had this image. Sarah took a pic of this prophetic phrase - we just did it!

Only two times on our trip did we have bumper to bumper traffic.

AND Mick didn’t even mind. 


He just sat back, smiled, enjoyed the scenery....

And let “X-MAN” do all the work.

Back Home!

19 States!   South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,  Kentucky, North Carolina, and back to South Carolina.  Mick drove 6550 miles. Sarah drove 0 miles. 90% of Mick’s miles were on auto pilot. 99% of Sara’s miles were in ecstasy. We arrived back in Greenwood at 7:00 pm Friday. Ran next door to get Max  and  Minnie, hug and thank the neighbors for their love and care, and came home to toast “The BEST trip EVER”❤️  Which is exactly what it was. And we really did enjoy sharing it with each of you, our dearest of friends and family. Love, Sarah and Mick. 

Sitting on the veranda gazing at the full moon over Lake Greenwood, reminiscing about our wonderful adventure.

The End