So now we’re in Kansas, Dorothy!

Another day. Just us. In a car together. 24/7. Still lovin’ It..

Micks windshield. Omg. So cool.


One of thousands of windmill energy generators

Mick and I have seen so many windmills along this journey, and we Never got tired of seeing them. They are elegant, simple, and competent. It makes us proud to see our wonderful country moving toward renewable energy resources. I tried to capture their beauty, not sure I did that. 

Heading home

My (NavagatorBaby’s) paper map

As Incredibly amazing, beautiful, phenomenal, romantic, and meaningful as this journey has been, we are headin home to our precious Max, Minnie, and DooLittle. God love them!!!!   

An Uber, dinner, and a ho hum bottle of wine

My handsome, darling “driver”, Mick. Another wonderful day and night. Wow. What a trip. ❤️