Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover, Utah

As we approached the huge change in our topograpphy today, Mick pointed out that that white stuff everywhere was salt.  He then told me about the world land speed records, and how he had always wanted to see the Bonneville Salt Flats. We decided to take a short 5 mile detour to check out the area where the world land speed record was set. Be sure to check out the next few posts. They kick some ass!

This sign, at the end of a five mile road called "Bonneville Speedway", caught our attention.  Which part?  The part that said "Closed to motor vehicles due to wet conditions".  We looked around and saw no signs whatsoever of "wet".  At that exact same moment, some cool dude in a Dodge hot rod, drove out onto the flats and let er rip!.  That's all it took.  We got back in the Tesla and were about to experience a really thrilling adventure.

For confirmation, and as encouragement, we read one more sign.  CHECK!  We're outta here!

What the Heck - Model X Hits Bonneville!

While sitting and marveling at the imensity of the salt flats, a guy with a hot rod Dodge drove by us out onto the flats - and HIT IT! Sounded way cool. As he disapeared into the distance, Sarah said "Ooh, let's do that!" Being the speed demon that I am, I relented and we hit the flats! Some fun!

One More Time! What Fun!!!!

A quick return trip. On the Tesla from a standing start for about 10 seconds. I think I backed off at 111 MPH. Sarah loved it almost as much as I did!

Blowout of Left Rear Tire!

After leaving the salt flats and ready to head to Salt Lake City, we made it about one mile before my left rear tire blew out at 50 mph.  Little did I know that the tires I had inpsected before I left home could wear out dramatically after 4000 of interstate driving at 80 mph.  Thank God this didn't happen five minutes earlier when we were doing 111mph on the salt flats!

Within an hour, our tow truck was here.

Ken, our tow truck guy, was knowledgeable and friendly and worked hard to properly tow the Tesla onboard his flatbed.  Soon we'd be off to Salt Lake City, 108 miles east at $7.00 a mile!  Which is why I'm looking a little deflated, right along with my tire.

Hooking Up The Tesla

Mick is helping Ken hook up the car.  Not real sure if Mick is actually helping or if he's crying.

Okay. We're loaded up and ready....but wait!!! Where's my iphone?

As ya'll know, I've been the official photographer on this journey.  I was taking photos right up to the minute Ken said, "We're all set!  Let's go!" But first, I begged, "No!  Wait!  I can't find my phone!!!"  We looked everywhere for it.  Mick called it 6 times. It was on silent mode and didn't ring.  We HAD to go.  As we drove off, Ken looked in his side view mirror and announced, "There it is!"  He'd just run over it with his 15 ton truck, a 5000 pound Tesle, Mick, me, five cases of wine, and all of our 30 days worth of luggage on board.  He got out, went back to pick it, brought it to me and announced it appeared in perfect condition except for the tire marks across the back.  AMAZING.  I did find out in a minute or two that everything worked perfectly except the camera.  So....I see an Apple Store visit in our very near future.  Thank goodness for Applecare.