Kinda sad this morning, leaving this darling town, this wonderful little home away from home.  Bye Bye, Calistoga....

Eastbound and Down!!!!

Heading up to Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and overnighting in Winnemucca, Nevada.

The breathtakingly beautiful Lake Tahoe

So wish a picture could do this justice. It can't.


Drove by Mick's old house...

Awesome neighborhood, fun house AND just wait til the next photo to see his view.

"The View"

Pretty cool, huh?

On to Reno...

And on to Mick's favorite topography, the high desert.

Just a "ho hum" drive. Yeah, right.

Our country, with all of it's beauty, all of it's awesomeness and vastness, blows us away.  Not one day since we left South Carolina has disappointed.  Breathtakingly gorgeous.


A nice stop this afternoon, checking out a Del Webb Community in Reno.

Sarah's turn to pose....

Gorgeous scenery, high desert, the Peavine Mountains in the background.

Deer Crossing Bridge

We found this kinda cool.  I couldn't figure out these unusal, fenced highway crossings.  But Mick did.  These bridge crossings were located near "Deer Crossing" signs along I80 all through Nevada.  Sure enough, we googled em and found out Nevada spent $14M to protect drivers from hitting deer. We both thought that was really cool.  Nevada highway taxes at work, protecting us drivers....


We've decided we're going to stay in Winnemucca tonight.  We wanted to know a little bit more about our overnight destination, so we asked Google.  We loved what we found out.  Apparently in 1900 Butch Cassidy and his gang held up a bank there.  They fleed with $32,000 in cash.  We again asked Google what that would be today.  $3.2 million!  Whoa.  He "done" good!