Haiku, anyone?

On our last, quick San Francisco morning walk, we saw this sign on Chestnut Street outside a bookstore.  It cracked us up.

Bye Bye, San Francisco...

Selfie taken in the lobby mirror of the apartment on Chestnut as we headed out the door and into the car.  

The Golden Gate

Cool car, check. Tony Bennett, check. Excellent driver, check. Perfect, clear weather, check. Photographer capturing the skyline and gorgeous bay, not so much.

Last chance...

...To capture the spectacular skyline and bay that the videographer so brilliantly messed up in the above video.  Bye, bug.  Miss you already.

Back in our barn loft apartment in Calistoga

It feels so good to be back here, sitting on the sofa, writing on our blog, and enjoying this beautiful view from our loft apartment.  Next stop:  Kathy's Kitchen.  She is going to teach us how to make fresh mozzarella.  Over a glass of wine, of course.  But first, a nap. 

Table all set, mozzarella making about to begin.

Mick's job: wisk the raw milk until it curdled


The curds after draining off the whey.

Mozzarella balls after being stretched and rolled into balls.

The delicious end product!

Kathy had prepared some amazing garlic and herb bread for our fresh mozzarella.  And then surprised us with the most incredible pork roast, smashed potatoes and asparagus. We have been treated (and fed) like royalty!  

Saying goodbyes...

Oh, okay, one more glass of our fabulous family Zin, and one more hug.  Family.  Nothing like it.  And Kathy and Rick?  The best, most generous, fun, talented, and loving people.  Sad.  So sad saying goodbye and so frustrating to discover there are no words in the English language to thank them for their amazing hospitality.  Heading east in the morning....