Arrived at Mick's Sister and Brother-in-Laws house in Redwood City this afternoon.... beautiful!  A garden, a brook, and this spectacular live oak.  It's been one breathtaking sight after another.

Ken and Linda and Mick.

This family is amazing....Linda and Ken offered us their car AND their San Francisco apartment for the next few days.  Since Mick's Tesla would no way fit into their apartment's garage in the city, we left it at their house, grabbed lunch and their car, and headed to the city.  Ken's birthday was yesterday and I got a piece of Linda's special carrot cake.  Lots of really good men are born under the sign of Aries.  Happy Birthday, Ken,  AND, Happy Birthday to my brother, Jim, who was born right here 69 years ago today.! Love you, JB. 

The Pacific!

From the Atlantic to the Pacific.  And every mile, every minute, every friend in between has been amazing.  Hello, San Francisco!  Hello, white caps.  So happy to be here....What an incredible, perfect month this has been. 

The view from "our" apartment...

A perfect location.  Chestnut Street in The Marina District.  OMG.  So grateful.  Thank you, Ken and Linda.

Five Star Dining in San Francisco...

Mick and I walked Chestnut Street.  The most adorable, cute, bodega super market is like 200 yards away.  We stopped. We bought delicious artichokes, olive oil, garlic, baguettes, butter, and mayonaise.  Decided to come home, kick off our shoes, turn on "Alexa", have a bottle of the family wine, and enjoyed the most delicious meal.