Ian and Rory

Mick's dear, good friend for 40 years, Ian, and his sweet dog, Rory, greeted us and said, "Hurry, quick, lets drive up Mt. Diablo while it's nice and clear so you can see where you are...."  His wish was our command.  Mick drove up the mountain, over 12 miles, and Ian was right!  OMG.  What a view.  What a vista!  We could actually see San Franscico Bay and the Golden Gate!

Just a sneak preview of what was in store....

Ian and Mick near the top of Mt. Diablo

Took this photo near the top of the mountain. The road to the top, maybe 500' higher, was closed due to the heavy weather earlier in the day. The veiw was still spectacular! Ian, being the tough Californian that he is, was wearing shorts in the 42 degree, very windy day. Mick wimped out and elected to go with long pants.

Veiw from near the top of Diablo.

Panoramic photo, if you pull it up and zoom in, you can see the bay

At Dinner - Ian and Laurie Having a Good Time!

After getting back from the top of the mountain, we walked from Ian and Laurie's place into Danville for dinner. Had a great dinner and lots of fun conversation. Love this pic of Ian and Laurie. They were obviously having a great time, as were we!

Mick and Sarah at Dinner

Same dinner, same fun!

On the way home...

Ian, who insisted we didn't need an umbrella or a rain coat to take with us to dinner, saying the rain was over for the season, was dead wrong.  As we left the restaurant the rain began.  We told Ian to go home, get the car and come back to pick us up.  We think we also told him we'd be in the bar waiting.  We were.  We ordered some really delicious chocolate martinis.  That's why Mick is laughing and Ian is not....

Laurie and I enjoying our martinis, scheming for what was about to happen.

Jewelry shopping

Laurie opened up Ian's mother's jewelry collection, announced that since her mother-in-law had died, she didn't really know what to do with all of her silver jewelry, as Laurie prefers gold.  "No problem, Laurie"!  Laurie noticed how I loved my silver, and she offered me carte blanche. Thank you, dear Laurie!  

Tuesday Morning....Heading to Redwood City and San Francisco....

...Laurie left early for work.  Ian headed to the golf course, and Mick and I had their lovely house all to ourselves.  We slept in.  Glorious.  Laurie had left all the notes and invitations to help ourselves to this and that....to turn on the coffee that  she had already prepared, to have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, etc.  So thoughtful!  And the best part of our morning...walking this precious Rory.  A beautiful start of but yet another amazing day.  Thank you, Laurie and Ian.  No wonder Mick adores you.  Two really delightful people.