But first....

Kathy prepared a three cheese quiche and a lovely simple green salad with dressing to die for as our little going away treat.  Can you believe her?

Do you believe it?

And while we were waiting for laundry to dry and HQ trivia to play, Mick read "A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo" by John Oliver.  We were cracking up.  In fact, I went to Amazon immediately and ordered it for myself.  So clever.  

And this page, in particular, caught my attention.  It reminds me of DooLittle.  Who, btw, has had a tough week.  Not doing too well, feeling a bit punk.  He's not quite 15, and fortunately he has the world's best live in pet sitter and holistic vet looking after him and loving him since I can't be.  And dear friends Fredda and Claudia visiting him and lovin' on him. So grateful for Dot and Kristi and Fredda and Claudie.  ❤️

HQ Trivia

Ang, Mick's daughter, introduced Mick to this online trivia game with generally well over a million people playing.  Twelve questions.  Twice a day.  LIVE.  With a cash jackpot.  And these three decided to give it a try.  They messed up....LOL, but had fun and now, we are heading out of Calistoga and heading to the Bay Area.  Kathy and Rick get to hang up their "Vacancy" sign for three days!!!  Bless their hearts....AMAZING host and hostess, generous, loving human beings and fun, fun family.  

"On The Road Again"....going through downtown Saint Helena, listening to Mick's music picks...So incredibly beautiful. ALL of it.

Cruising Out Of Wine Country...

...Listening to one of "our songs"

And another fabulous sculpture...in but yet another fabulous vineyard.  

On our way to Danville

And more gorgeous scenery along the way.  EVERYTHING so green and lush.  Beautiful!