Calistoga to Old Sacramento...gorgeous sights along the way.

Lake Berryessa

Our meeting place

Rio City Cafe where we had brunch, between the Sacramento River and the old railroad.  We met Mick's friends there for a really delicious meal.

Pat and Dave

Dave and Mick hadn't seen each other in years so it was a fun brunch catching up.  Two really delightful people!

Granite Rock Train...

...went right by our table. With boats passing by on the other side. Cute restaurant. Fun visit.

Next stop: Granite Bay

And another beautiful overnight destination, Steve's home.

The perfect gift for our host, Steve, the wine connoisseur.

And he found it remarkably delicious.

Mick and Steve

Enjoying a glass of wine in Steve's backyard.  These two have been good, really good, friends since they worked together more than 40 years ago, in the early 80's.  They were live comedy entertainment for me.  They are hilarious.

Having the time of our lives!

Nibbles and wine. Perfection.

We had such a lovely visit with Steve.  Great nibbles, delicious wine, wonderful conversation.  So easy to understand why they've been friends "forever"....

The three of us in Steve's kitchen.

Steve's girlfriend, Susan, who is up in Washington state, wanted a pic of the three of us.  So we set a timer and took this shot.  Hey Susan.

The most beautiful mall yet. Trust us. We've mall walked enough to know what we're talking about. This Mall is The Galleria at Roseville. We stopped to top off the car, took our walk and were mesmerized by this wonderful activity for children. It was so fun watching the glee on the kids' faces.

Heading back to Calistoga

Lake Hennessy.  It's only noon, but Mick's and my mouths are watering knowing that Kathy is roasting a rack of lamb for dinner tonight.  But first....

Back in Calistoga...

We parked the car, took a short walk, passed this beautiful old house on our way to Main Street, and to see another work of art....

...Rick, the master, at work.

Sunday afternoon and Rick and Juan, Rick's protegee', are refurbishing an old brick building that used to house a Ford dealership back in the 50's.  They are transforming it into an upscale gallery to display Ira's work.  It's the first building on Main Street, going into Calistoga, and will be sensational!  

Heading back to the car...

...and passed another spectacular dogwood in bloom.  We're back in our barn loft now, as we write this, about to take a little nap as it's raining and oh so cozy in here.  THEN, in two and a half hours, we'll walk up the hill and over the little brook to Kathy and Rick's for Kathy's phenomenal rack of lamb (and, of course, some of the family's Zin)!!!