Ira Yeager, Artist Extraordinaire

Ira Yeager, the same generous man who treated us all to a birthday celebration yesterday at Auberge du Soleil, is a world renowned artist.  You should google him if you'd like to see some of his brilliant work.  We stopped by his studio today, had a royal tour by his manager, a delightful man named Brian, and were in awe by all of his magnificent paintings and works of art.  I fell in love with a little duck painting, but decided $3500 was not in my budget.  At least not this trip....The studio is a piece of art all by itself.  Another masterpiece done by Rick, Mick's brother.

On to another first....

When we left Ira's studio, we drove through gorgeous countryside to our next stop:   


Polish Nail Salon.  We asked Kathy what she'd like for a birthday gift.  She replied, "For all of us to go have a mani pedi!"  Mick said, "You're on!" and off we went for but yet another entirely new experience.  Mick and Rick had never experienced a mani pedi before.  The following pictures will perfectly illustrate if they liked or disliked the experience....

Kathy thorouhly enjoyed her pedicure too!

The Calistoga Mineral Water Works Sculpture

We loved this metal schulpture and had to stop to take a pic or two.  The dog in the passenger side, the bottles in the back....and us.  How cool is this?

And one last pic before heading off to dinner....

This beautiful lush and abundant lavender with honey bees swarming, collecting nectar.  This one's for you, Marty Girl.

Back out for another dinner with friends and another birthday celebration.

This time at another fabulous restaurant in Calistoga, Brannans.  Ron and Mark, Dennis and Carolyn, and Michael and Amy came bearing gifts for the birthday girl.....


Rick and Mick.  Best buds.