Another Spectacular Day In The Napa Valley

Visit to Castello di Amorosa

Rick, Kathy, and Mick in from of the winery Castello di Amoroas (Castle of Love)

Rick knew the owner and the CEO of Castello di Amorosa very well. We met with George, the CEO and he provided us with complimetary passes to the special reserve tasting room ($95/person). We were able to sample seven different, very expensive wines. They were wonderful! We had a great afternoon. Sarah, somewhet tongue in cheek, asked the wine server if we could start all over again because she wasn't sure which ones she liked best! Our server was a young Itallian man and didn't know she was kidding. You should have seen the look on his face!

This castle is amazing. All done in the old style with mostly imported materials. Rick said that the owner spent $50M to create this authentic European castle. It is really quite beautiful and looks like it is a few hundred years old, but has been built in the last few years. The wines they produce are very highly rated and quite exquisite, but are only available for purchase here at the estate.

Here is brother Rick sampling a $145/bottle red wine at Castello di Amorosa. He said it was almost as good as ours!

Some of the sights around the winery. Colors seemed more vivid after our tasting session.

Another shot of the beautiful grounds around the Castle.

View from the parking lot of the Castello di Amorosa. The winery also had a Tesla destination charger in the lot so we were able to charge up while having fun in the castle. The CEO, George, also has a Tesla so we had a fun converstion about our cross county road trip.

After we got home from the winery, Sarah and I took a walk up the road that Rick and Kathy's place is on. The fire damage in this area is incredible.  Most of the homes along his road are gone. Completely destroyed by the fires in October. That my brother's place survived is indeed a miracle.

This photograph is of a Fire Lilly. Apparently they can only germinate after a fire scorches the earth around them. According to my brother most folks around here have never seen them before. The burned trees in the backround are Manzanitas.