Day 2 - Ready to Roll

Me kicking back in our room at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Meridian Mississippi. Getting ready to head to Jackson MS for breakfast and a charge.

Jackson/Pearl Mississippi

Tesla is charging in an outlet mall. We decided to have breakfast, but the only thing open in the Food Court was Sbarro Pizza. Here is Sarah enjoying our wonderful breakfast of meat lovers pizza.  It was way good!

Monroe Louisana

My darling Mick, always prepared, cleaning the windshield with Invisible Glass (which he'd packed and put in the "frunk"), so we were able to see the clear, beautiful visitas and scenery. Which were, btw, quite beautiful.  The greens, the textures, the skies, all of it so beautiful.  The hightways were great.  Thinking we picked a perfect time of year to see our beautiful country.  I'm having the time of my life!  

Who Says Mall Walking Isn’t Beneficial!

As Tesla superchargers are often located next to shopping malls, and we stop at one every 2-3 hours, we joined all of the other old folks and mall walked for miles. The photo below was taken at a mall in Monroe Mississippi. You can easily see how our physiques have benefited!

Crossing the Mississippi

Listening to Andy Williams’ Moon River while crossing the Mississippi. We made a nice video of the crossing with Moon River playing in the background. Enjoy!


Crossing the Mississippi

World Famous Mall Turtle Pond

Photo above was taken at the Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport, Louisiana. Didn’t much care for the parts of Shreveport that we saw, but our mall work was kind of fun. There is a pond in the center of this indoor mall that is full of turtles, koi, and one big catfish. Definitely a mall highlight!

As we left Shreveport we drove into a massive thunderstorm. Lasted about 45 minutes. No autopilot while in that heavy rain -  cameras have a hard time seeing the lines. Other than this 45 minute stretch, autopilot has been a joy to use. It’s been in use for at least 90% of the trip.

Lindale, Texas

Thie supercharger was situated right off I-20 in Lindale. Was next to a bakery and right across from a Subway. Just so happened that Sarah had been craving a Subway sandwich all day. Synchronicity!

End of Day Two ... Duncanville, Texas

After 510 miles we decided to overnight in this suburb of Dallas. It was an outstanding day. Even our hotel, a Best Western Plus, had a reserved spot for us with aTesla destination charger.

Day Three - Texas, Oklahoma and Back To Texas

Heading to Ardmore, Oklahoma from Dallas. Road were lousy, construction everywhere, and the traffic was even worse. Took us more than one hour to go 15 miles. 

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Supercharger in Ardmore was across the street from Freddy’s Steakburger, so we decided to gamble and try it out. It was delicious. We each had a double bacon and cheese steakburger which came with a huge order of the best fries imaginable. We were totally sated. 


Oklahoma City Bound

Headed to supercharger in Oklahoma City while attempting to digest our double steak burgers. Had a hard time staying awake. When we plugged in at the charger, we reclined our seats and went into nap mode. After our naps we got another walk in at an outlet mall. We left OKC as recharged as the Tesla.

Shamrock, Texas

Tree covered in knitted sleeves of yarn!

The supercharger at Shamrock was in kind of a crappy part of town, but there were a couple of interesting sights:

Strange painting on the wall of a building commemorating the death of somebody named Heather

Shamrock to Amarillo

Empty highway and 75 mph limit!

Made great time on this stretch of road. Put it in autopilot with the cruise control set to 80 mph. Got to the Holiday Inn in Amarillo (100 miles) in about an hour and ten minutes! Checked in and plugged the car into the supercharger located in the hotel lot. Time to hit the sack!

Day Four - Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

These 5 slides capture just a smidgen of the beautiful sights we saw today.

Like a kid on Christmas morning...

Mick is so excited to get to Calistoga and be with his family that he wakes me up at 4:00 a.m., all pumped up and ready to get on the road again. I tried to capture his excitement in this photo taken on our first walk this morning in Tucumcari, New Mexico. 

There is no video clip yet

There is no video clip yet

Gallup, New Mexico

We have so enjoyed each of our supercharger locations, and today, instead of “mall walk locations” we had some fun “country walks” along Old Historic Route 66. Here is a sampling of  one of our nostalgic sights. 

As we were approaching Flagstaff, Mick asked me what the highest mountain in Arizona is. Thanks to google I was able to tell him, “That’s it!  Humphrey’s Peak. 12,500 feet.” I LOVE google.  😊

All checked into to our hotel room in Flagstaff, Arizona

Here’s to you, Mick!  Another 600+ miles driven so beautifully by you again today. I’m so happy to be sharing this incredible adventure with YOU. Thank you! Love you! ❤️

Day Five - Flagstaff, Kingman, Needles, Barstow, Mohave, and Tehachapi

This was another terrific day! Great weather, and wonderful scenery. Something that is kind of cool to note: in this day and age of the iPhone, Google, and Wikipedia, the wealth of knowledge that can be gained on a driving trip like this is remarkable. See something interesting, Google it, and suddenly you have the opportunity to learn all about it! All while cruising along at. 80 mph. What a treat!

First view of the day:

Leaving our hotel in Flagstaff this morning, we looked up, out of the Tesla Model X’s cockpit window and saw this. It was kind of an omen of the amazing sights in store. 

Along our route today in Arizona and California:

The following slides illustrate just a few of the breathtaking vistas and sights we marveled at today...

Kingman, Arizona Charger Walk

First Stop

Kingman, Arizona Charger Walk

Second Stop

Kingman, Arizona Charger Walk

Third Stop

Kingman, Arizona Charger Walk - Route 66 Vietnam Memorial

Fourth stop - Please read every word. We were touched to the core. Bless those incredible human beings that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. A truly beautiful moment of reflection for us and we both wanted to share it with each of you. 

On to California!

Leaving Arizona.

Crossing the Colorado River.

Hello, California!  

Our ninth state in five days...

Nearing the end of day 5...

Look at these beautiful cloud formations. The day ended similarly to how it began. With an omen. Tomorrow is gonna be another amazing day!!!  Til then...

Day Six — “Destination Day”

As we left Tehachapi this misty morning we were instantly blown away by the rolling green hills everywhere. Completely different topography from the Mohave Desert yesterday. Both beautiful. Both vastly different. Mick reminded me that this is the perfect time to see California as April is it’s green month. 

First stop today: Kettleman City

All of our superchargers along the way have been convenient and positioned perfectly to avoid any “range anxiety” whatsoever, BUT ... today’s supercharger was the KING of all superchargers!!! Open 24/7, with 40 charging stalls, the fastest WiFi we’ve had yet, elegant rest rooms, comfortable lounges, desks, easy chairs, a kid friendly area, a “Tesla Worldwide Information Wall” and, get this...a barista at an extensive coffee bar with a coffee menu to die for. The next few photos will illustrate what we experienced. It was impressive. Enlarge the  “Tesla Wall” photos to see the information they provide. 

On to Our Next Awe Inspiring Vista: California’s Central Valley

Acres and acres, miles and miles of abundant, beautiful almond orchards. The immense planning, planting, nurturing, maintaining, and harvesting of these orchards is almost overwhelming. Each orchard, some of baby trees, others of young trees, still others of mature trees, and even orchards of dead, chopped down trees, were so manicured and precise. We have a renewed respect and admiration for these farmers and this lush, gorgeous California valley. 

Almost there!

We are almost to Rick and Kathy’s place in Calistoga. Stopped here in Napa for a quick fill of electrons. Will be at our destination in about a half hour. No more posts until tomorrow. Tonight is for family reunions and fun. Will have covered a bit over 2,900 miles since we headed out on Monday. Catch up with everyone tomorrow!