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Mick and Sarah's Tesla Model X Cross Country Roadtrip

Hi! My name is Mick Horwath. Along with my new love, Sarah Little, we are embarking on a cross country road trip in my silver Tesla Model X P90D. On April 2, 2018 we will be leaving Greenwood, SC and heading to Calistoga, CA. We will be meeting with my family in Calistoga and help with the bottling of our family wine. We plan on documenting the entire trip with info and photos of all of the stops on this journey. With the necessity of charging every couple hundred miles or so, the stops with be quite numerous. We are not tied to any specific route so our path will be flexible and likely quite interesting. We hope that you'll come back in April and follow along, sharing this trip with us.  Should be fun!

Sarah Little and Mick Horwath

Here is a recent photo of Sarah and me on her front porch in Charleston.

Day One Greenwood, SC - Getting ready to roll out! April 2, 2018

Mick and Sarah.  Saying goodbye to my sweet daughter Angela and "the kids", and about two minutes from beginning "Leg 1".....

Frunk is packed to perfection.

Frunk and trunk are packed full and we still have plenty of room left over to bring back five cases of family "J. Leonard" wine!

Saying goodbye ain't easy, but.....

Angela and "the kids" waving goodbye.  Damn.  How lucky are we to have such a generous daughter making our trip possible?  

Plugged in at Atlantic Station Supercharger - Atlanta

Great location, only problem was, while we were having brunch, the charger crapped out. Had to go back after lunch and change chargers. Cost us about 45 minutes. But as you will see, the Atlantic Station supercharger is in a wonderful setting. We had fun!

Atlantic Station walk - lovely

Where we had brunch

Brunch at Meehan's tavern. Local beer was great!

Birmingham, AL Supercharger

Another wonderful setting for a supercharger. Weather was perfect. Great place to walk around. Lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Birmingham Supercharger Shot

Car still looks good after a few hundred miles.

Meridian, MS Supercharger at Bonita Lakes Mall

Wonderful spot to get a nice walk in at the mall. Next stop, 2 miles away was the Hilton Garden Inn.

Checking in at the Hilton

We're done for the day. Covered less ground than we thought we would. Hoped to do between 500-600 miles today. Only managed about 475, but it was easy and oh so fun. Autopilot makes all the difference, especially in stop and go traffic in Atlanta.

Contact Info

If like like to contact me with any comments or suggestions please email me at:

Or to contact Sarah email her at:

We both look forward to hearing from you.

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